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August 4th 2008

Study explores potential of Delaware river ports

The importance of the Port of Chester along with other ports is cited in a study released last week by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia - "Assessing Industry Trends and Growth Opportunities for Delaware River Ports" - focusing on their economic impact and factors for future growth. Read More
July 16th 2008


Present Economic Impact and Growth Potential Findings Presented Read More
July 16th 2008

Maritime potential seen as big, possibly hindered

Seaports on the Delaware River are again at a crossroads, facing major opportunities for growth and long-festering feuds that experts say could block it. Read More
July 16th 2008

Study: Phila.-area ports at crossroads

The Delaware River ports are at a critical crossroads where the potential for growth exists, but it will hinge on the region's ability to take a coordinated approach to future development, according to a study released Wednesday. Read More
July 11th 2008

Why ownership shift isn't so bad for Phila.

The news was shocking - and not just because it had been kept so secret. At first, it provoked the kind of gut-level grief one might feel if, say, the statue of William Penn atop City Hall had just been bought by a town in another state. Read More
July 3rd 2008

Philadelphia -- from Liberty Bell to bellwether: where Philadelphia wants to go says a lot about the U.S. economy

As Americans celebrate the birth of the nation this week, the city that was at the center of the historic events 232 years ago is facing new challenges that reveal much about the U.S. economy and its promises and perils. Read More
July 3rd 2008

Bullish on Philadelphia: New mayor wants to reverse population outflow, attract more businesses

The new mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, thinks the city is going places and wants people to get on board Read More
July 2nd 2008

Bill would eliminate most local tax collectors

Gov. Ed Rendell expects to sign a bill today that would overhaul the fragmented local income tax collection system in Pennsylvania, forcing employers to withhold the tax and possibly generating $237 million for municipalities and school districts. Read More
June 20th 2008


The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia is pleased to announce changes in leadership at the Board of Directors and staff levels. Read More
June 20th 2008

Power: An Open Letter to Mayor Nutter

DEAR MR. MAYOR, This is why we're happy you're our mayor: On May 12th, the Inquirer ran a story about two 20-something sisters, Kristen and Courtney Kammerer, who had opened Remedy Tea Bar two and a half years ago on Sansom Street. Read More
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