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June 15th 2008

Imbalanced burden that won't go away

After 34 years living in a four-bedroom brick home on a leafy acre in Radnor Township, retirees Karl and Jean Dorschu wanted something smaller, something with less raking and snow shoveling, something less taxing, physically and financially. Read More
May 24th 2008

Speak volumes in just 6 words

Here's a challenge to crisp prose: Write your memoir in six words. Recapitulate life in a half-dozen strokes. A new book uses that premise: Not Quite What I Was Planning. Read More
May 14th 2008


The American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) announced that Steve Wray, Executive Director of the Economy League of Philadelphia, was selected as a Fellow of its Ford Foundation Regional Sustainable Development program. Read More
May 7th 2008

State of the City discussed by its political, cultural and economic leaders

Civic engagement and fiscal responsibility were key words at the Center City Proprietors Association’s (CCPA) 6th Annual State of the City Panel discussion last Wednesday, April 30th. Read More
April 26th 2008

Center Square: Fixing What Ails City Hall

Philadelphia City Hall. Outstanding customer service. Those two phrases aren't typically paired in a sentence - unless it's said with a sarcastic laugh. Read More
April 14th 2008

Opinion: PA Economic Revival Lies in Its Metro Assets

In the long run-up to the Pennsylvania primary, there's been a good deal of candidate discussion of the state's economy and how to fix it. Read More
April 8th 2008

The city's academic salvation

LISTEN TO a Philly guy boost the Phils or parse politics and you might think Philadelphians know everything they need to know. You'd be wrong. Read More
April 7th 2008

Budget Play

So, you think Mayor Nutter is blowing it by cutting taxes too fast? Not fast enough? You're sure City Council's spending priorities are out of whack, and that instead they ought to invest in libraries, or the park system, or rec centers, or the schools? Read More
April 4th 2008

Out to Learn Atlanta Ways

Community redevelopment, work force development and an inclusive economy will be the focus of a group of government, business and nonprofit leaders headed to Atlanta this fall for ideas on improving Philadelphia. Read More
April 3rd 2008


Economy League and Great Expectations to develop online Philadelphia budget simulation tool Read More
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