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October 23rd 2019

Economy League and Reading Terminal Market host “Made to Order: The Future of Philadelphia’s Food Economy"

  On October 15, the Economy League partnered with the Reading Terminal Market to host “Made to Order: The Future of Philadelphia’s Food Economy” at Philadelphia's flagship B.PHL innovation festival. The three-day festival took place October 15-18, and was designed to highlight and help build... Read More
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October 17th 2019

Building Momentum for Change: The Vision of Healthy Town Tioga Project

What does it take to help drive inclusive growth and shared prosperity for all of Philadelphia? For many communities in the city, such as those in North Philadelphia, a history of disinvestment and redlining can make driving inclusive growth and shared prosperity a daunting task. From workforce... Read More
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December 14th 2018

Reflections on Anchor Collaboratives: Lessons from the Baltimore Integration Partnership

On November  28th, the Economy League convened over 170 nonprofit, government and business leaders to announce the launch of Philadelphia Anchors for Growth and Equity (PAGE). PAGE is a partnership between the Economy League, the City of Philadelphia and more than a dozen Philadelphia-area... Read More
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December 3rd 2018

How can Philly use the food boom to address pervasive hunger and poverty?

The story of food in Philadelphia right now is a tale of two cities. Over the weekend, news spread about a crowdfunding campaign for a prominent Philly bartender. Near the end of her battle with cancer, she has no way to pay for pending medical or funeral bills — so must depend on charity, despite... Read More
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November 13th 2018

Anchor Collaboratives: Lessons from Peer Cities

Case studies written with research help from Theodora Okiro, MPA    As the Economy League looks forward to the public launch of Philadelphia Anchors for Growth and Equity (PAGE), we are excited for PAGE to join the ranks of thriving anchor collaboratives around the country. Several US cities... Read More
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October 18th 2018

2018 GPLEX Seattle Wrap-Up

In late September, Billy Penn asked why 150 Philadelphia leaders were heading to Seattle for the weekend. Armed with an excellent briefing book and a deep sense of curiosity, for 3 days a diverse group of cross-sector Philadelphia leaders dug deep into how Seattle works, moves, and thrives - and... Read More
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Regional Direction
August 13th 2018

Seeing Philadelphia Through the Lens of Detroit

  A recent trip to Detroit has me reflecting on my hometown, how far it’s come and by what pathways, and where we are heading.   Over the three days I spent in Detroit, the people, the place, and the spirit captured my imagination. I was in Detroit to represent the Economy League of Greater... Read More
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August 10th 2018

The Promise and Peril of Vertical Farming

As part of the Anchor Procurement Initiative, Economy League staff investigate new and emerging industries that could yield opportunities to localize institutional spend. Over the last 4 months, Mariya Khandros, Economy League’s Director of Shared Solutions, has been investigating the current state... Read More
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May 29th 2018

Are We Committed to Inclusive Growth?

The Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago recently released a report entitled Our Equitable Future: A Roadmap for the Chicago Region, laying out a data-driven strategy for ensuring that all Chicagoans benefit from economic growth in Windy City.  In 2015, the City of Beaverton, Oregon released a... Read More
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Regional Direction
May 21st 2018

Prioritizing Transparency, Predictability, Fairness, and Market Awareness in Raising Funds for Affordable Housing in Philadelphia

In the face of rising rents and home prices, Philadelphia has the opportunity to implement a mechanism that generates stable and adequate revenues for affordable housing and allows our city to avoid the fate that high-growth cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston are facing, where... Read More
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