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    Updates and insight on education & talent development, business growth, and infrastructure in Greater Philadelphia
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Education & Talent
March 1st 2013

Keeping Students on Track

Working with the World Class Education and Talent Development Strategy Team was an extraordinarily beneficial experience. Like Peirce College, many of the institutions and organizations represented on the team have life-transforming missions. We are all focused on the same outcomes but serve... Read More
  • Business Growth Innovation
Business Growth
February 26th 2013

Making an Impact: Energy Efficient Buildings Hub at the Navy Yard

The securing of an extremely competitive $130 million US Department of Energy grant to develop an Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) at the Navy Yard in 2010 is an example of leveraging existing research assets and collaboration in the region. A set of regional economic development... Read More
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Business Growth
February 26th 2013

Talent and Innovation Will Drive Future Growth

When it comes to growing businesses and creating wealth in today’s knowledge economy, the primary drivers are talent and innovation. With our region’s strong university and R&D base, we have tremendous talent and innovation assets to leverage toward this end. This is especially true in the field of... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Pre-K
Education & Talent
February 25th 2013

Making an Impact: Standardizing Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in PA

In partnership with the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children and the Public Health Management Corporation, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and the Economy League have received a highly competitive $200,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Elementary
Education & Talent
February 22nd 2013

Making an Impact: Linking Teacher Evaluations to Student Performance

Following years of dialogue and debate, as of 2012 all three states represented in the Philadelphia region – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware – have moved to link K-12 teacher evaluations to student performance. Each state has passed legislation and is in the process of designing, piloting,... Read More
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Education & Talent
February 22nd 2013

Connecting to the World Beyond the Classroom

Over the past two years, the Economy League has convened an impressive group of leaders throughout the region to develop Global Positioning Strategies to ensure a world class future for Greater Philadelphia. As part of these efforts, I had the opportunity to serve on the World Class Education and... Read More
  • Business Growth - Our Impact
Business Growth
February 19th 2013

Making an Impact: Philly Startup Leaders

Started in 2007, Philly Startup Leaders is among the youngest and most dynamic organizations devoted to strengthening entrepreneurial networks in Greater Philadelphia. With a primary focus on technology and connecting startups with information, inspiration and a community of peers, Philly Startup... Read More
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Business Growth
February 19th 2013

It's All About the Network

Everybody loves talking about and celebrating entrepreneurship ... but do Greater Philadelphia's business, public sector, and civic leaders really have a shared approach to spur entrepreneurship in our region over the long haul? When it comes to entrepreneurship and what we need to do to get more... Read More
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Education & Talent
February 12th 2013

Building on Early Learning Momentum

In recent years, early childhood education has received increased attention in our region and seen some notable improvements. I’ve seen this firsthand through the United Way’s work on early learning with the Success by 6 ® initiative, which has helped double the number of high-quality early... Read More
  • Steve Wray
Regional Direction
February 8th 2013

Introducing the World Class Global Positioning Strategies

From its launch four years ago, the Economy League’s World Class Greater Philadelphia initiative has been based on the premise that the only way we can make real progress on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our region is through sustained, collaborative effort – and that... Read More
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