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    Updates and insight on education & talent development, business growth, and infrastructure in Greater Philadelphia
  • Infrastructure SEPTA
June 7th 2013

Making an Impact: SEPTA and the Federal Stimulus Program

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act offered a one-time infusion of capital for transit agencies around the United States, including in Greater Philadelphia. SEPTA made effective use of $191 million in ARRA funds, advancing 33 capital improvement projects that had been long-deferred due... Read More
  • David Seltzer Head Shot 2013
June 7th 2013

Funding Our Future

In this week's feature, World Class Infrastructure Strategy Team member and Mercator Advisors Principal David Seltzer discusses the need to find new ways to fund, finance, and deliver transportation infrastructure projects that will advance the emerging World Class agenda for regional mobility. Read More
  • Marilyn Jordan Taylor Head Shot 2013
May 31st 2013

Building Better Connections to the World

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: the world we live in is becoming an increasingly global place. Despite whatever retrenchment the Great Recession brought upon us over the past several years, people, businesses, and institutions today continue to expect easy access to the... Read More
  • Infrastructure PHL International Airport
May 30th 2013

Making an Impact: PHL's Capacity Enhancement Program

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a focal point of travel for residents and visitors throughout Greater Philadelphia, but crowded runways have made delays frequent and limited expansion of international and domestic flights. To resolve this issue, PHL has worked in collaboration with... Read More
  • Business Growth Tech Week
Business Growth
May 2nd 2013

Why Philly Tech Week Matters

How to sum up the Philly Tech Week that concluded this past Sunday? Not an easy thing to do given that this 10-day celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia took a quantum leap in its third year. The 100+ plus events that took place across the city and region from April 19-28 ranged... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development CEO's for Cities
Education & Talent
April 30th 2013

Recognizing Progress... and Importing What Works

Less than a month after releasing the Global Positioning Strategy for World Class Education and Talent Development, I found myself back at WHYY among a group of national leaders working to make progress on one of the GPS’s top goals: significantly increasing postsecondary credential attainment. Read More
  • World Class Summit 2013
Regional Direction
March 28th 2013

Onward From the Summit

Last week, at our annual World Class Summit, more than 300 regional leaders came together to learn about the new Global Positioning Strategies (GPSes) focused on improving education and talent development outcomes and boosting business growth in Greater Philadelphia. The auditorium at WHYY was... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Pre-K
Education & Talent
March 28th 2013

Every Kid K-Ready

As the saying goes, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. And that poses a big challenge for improving early childhood education in our region – one that a coalition of regional leaders is looking to remedy. “Early childhood education means making sure kids enter school ready to learn,” said... Read More
  • Business Growth
Business Growth
March 28th 2013

An Open-Source Brand for Philadelphia

If you feel like you’re seeing the familiar three-letter airport tag PHL pop up in more and more places … it’s not a mistake. It’s in the Philadelphia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s new acronym: PHLCVB. It’s part of the City’s new StartupPHL initiative, the Philadelphia Industrial Development... Read More
  • Business Growth Startup Philly
Business Growth
March 28th 2013

Capital and Ideas to Grow PHL's Startup Community

When it comes to growing a region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the basic formula for success is the same – a healthy population of smart and ambitious people, technical and professional resources to support them while they develop ideas, and capital to help turn those ideas into viable enterprises.... Read More
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