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July 21st 2017

Philly’s Impact Economy to Get $15M Boost With ImpactPHL Ventures

Ben Franklin Technology Partners celebrated the one-year anniversary of its ImpactPHL investment collaborative on Thursday with the unveiling of its largest funding initiative to date: a $15 million follow-up project in line with ImpactPHL’s mission to assist early-stage companies that address... Read More
July 13th 2017

Longtime Economy League Chief Joins Econsult

Steve Wray, who spent 11 years as head of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and another 11 years prior to that overseeing its policy and research work, has taken the position of vice president and director at Econsult Solutions Inc., a Philadelphia-based consulting firm. Read More
June 19th 2017

Is Philadelphia Good for Business?

Today, we’ll discuss some of the ways Philly is, and isn’t, a good place to do business. We’re joined by former Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, and by Josh Sevin, acting executive director of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. Read More
May 25th 2017

Phoenix replaces Philly as nation's 5th-largest city

The new U.S. Census figures show Phoenix is just growing more quickly than Philadelphia, as are many parts of the Sun Belt where there is more land for development. But businesses looking to relocate or expand look at more than just total population, said Josh Sevin who heads up the Economy League... Read More
May 23rd 2017

Philly beat New York in job growth

“The real opportunity here is in middle-skill jobs,” Acting Executive Director Josh Sevin said. “Tech as you know it is more than just coding. It includes lots of other jobs and occupations and entry points. There’s a lot of room for people who aren’t in tech.” Read More
May 9th 2017

Wage-tax cuts would help Philly prosper

The Committee of Seventy and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia have been civic fixtures in Philadelphia for more than 100 years. Both were born and raised in the heart of the Progressive Era in Philadelphia... Read More
May 4th 2017

Putting plan in place to diversify the region's tech workforce

Philly Tech Week, now coming to a close with an expected 20,000 attendees at more than 100 events across the region, has become a major showcase of Philadelphia’s thriving tech ecosystem. This picture of Philadelphia as a growing tech hub may be news to many, but not to us. Read More
May 3rd 2017

New report maps out Greater Philadelphia’s tech workforce, and a path forward

The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia unveiled its in-depth report on the state of the region’s tech workforce Tuesday morning, when league members and stakeholders in the local tech scene gathered at the Cira Center to hear its key findings. Read More
May 2nd 2017

Philly’s tech sector accelerating, but not running on all cylinders

Philadelphia’s technology sector boasts higher average salaries than other jobs, thousands of openings, and growth second only to the Bay Area, a region synonymous with tech. While it’s a major driver of our economy, a new study finds several things holding us back. Read More
May 2nd 2017

Economy League of Greater Philadelphia presents research and solutions to deepen and diversify the region's technology workforce

A new “Driving Tech Talent Growth in PHL” report released during Philly Tech Week outlines current IT workforce issues and an action plan framework to strengthen the tech talent pool. Read More
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