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November 18th 2008

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane: PGW Study

Philadelphians pay more for natural gas than residents of any other U.S. snow-belt city. A report issued last month by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia takes an in depth look at the progress made and the challenges facing Philadelphia Gas Works, a city-owned utility company plagued with a... Read More
November 7th 2008

Impact of losing Glaxo headquarters not such a blow today

So how big a blow is it to lose GlaxoSmithKline's corporate headquarters in Philadelphia? Is it just prestige and bragging rights? Will some of the 4,500 workers here lose jobs? Read More
November 7th 2008

Who will bear Phila. cutbacks?

Ed Rendell jokes that when he was mayor and "the Eagles were in the playoffs, I could've raised the city wage tax and nobody would've cared." Read More
November 6th 2008

PGW has potential to change

Temperatures are falling, and with energy prices rising across the country, gas bills are sure to go up this winter. But nowhere will the increases hurt as much as in Philadelphia, where gas rates are higher than in any other snow-belt city. Read More
October 31st 2008


Economy League Report Identifies Speed Bumps on Road to Expansion. Read More
October 31st 2008

Minority outreach on the rise

As disparities between minorities and whites in business continue to be well documented, public and private entities are mounting new efforts to be inclusive. This special report, Minding the Gap, documents some of those efforts. Read More
October 29th 2008

Editorial: PGW Survival Guide

The city-owned gas utility offers a great deal to its poorest customers: At a fixed discount rate, these 78,000 Philadelphia families can use all the gas they want. Read More
October 22nd 2008

Report highlights PGW's problems

Philadelphia Gas Works is no longer in crisis mode, but decisive action is needed to prevent the city-owned utility from ending up on life support, according to a new report from the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. Read More
October 22nd 2008

Pa. muni must be fixed before it's sold

Fixing Philadelphia Gas Works' financial ailments won't be easy, but it must be done if the city ever hopes to unload the utility, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia said in a study released Tuesday. Read More
October 21st 2008


Structural Changes Necessary to Prevent Return to Crisis Read More
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