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September 25th 2008

Phila. leaders learn from Atlanta: Day 2

The Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange rolled into its second day on Thursday, with Atlanta officials continuing to pull the veil off of their city, warts and all, in an effort to give Philadelphia leaders lessons to take home. Read More
September 22nd 2008

Nearly half of Phila. area cultural groups operate with deficits

A substantial number of the region's cultural organizations are operating with life-threatening deficits, according to a new study by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Read More
September 22nd 2008

With Hopes of Making Philly Better, Nutter Looks to Atlanta

It's off to Atlanta later this week for Mayor Nutter and about 100 other city leaders. They want to look at what that city is doing right, and bring those ideas back to Philadelphia. Read More
September 19th 2008

103 civic, business leaders off to Atlanta to troll for ideas

It has been three years since more than 70 government, business and nonprofit leaders from the area descended on Chicago to get some ideas about improving Philadelphia. Read More
September 19th 2008

La Salle Prof Says Philadelphians Can Help Solve Budget Woes

It's been a bad week. On Wall Street, Lehman Brothers collapsed, AIG got a government bailout, and Merrill Lynch was bought out. Read More
September 18th 2008


What can Greater Philadelphia’s most dynamic business, government, philanthropic, and non‐profit leaders learn from their counterparts in Metro Atlanta? A lot, according to the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, organizer of the Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. Read More
September 18th 2008

Atlanta to host Nutter and 103 others

Outta here! The city will be drained of a good portion of its braintrust next week when 104 Philadelphia movers and shakers, including Mayor Nutter, head for Atlanta. Read More
September 17th 2008

Guest commentary: Mayor Nutter quick to respond to budget shortfall

"The Mayor's announcement makes it clear that the City is facing economic challenges similar to those that businesses across the city and region are facing. By acting quickly and publicly, the Mayor is sending a clear signal that the City cannot do everything, and that the limited resources... Read More
September 15th 2008

Philadelphia Faces $450M Deficit; City Delays $4.5B POB Offering

Philadelphia will look towards addressing an estimated $450 million deficit over the next five years as the city anticipates declining business tax revenues and growing pension costs. Read More
September 6th 2008

Coping with no school in Souderton. Strike brings time to fill idle minds

For parent Carole Wood, the teachers' strike in the Souderton Area School District has meant postponing her planned return to work after having a baby. Read More
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