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December 8th 2008

Sector takes a painful hit

When you look beneath that awful headline number from Friday’s employment report, you can see the damage in the various sectors of American industry. Read More
December 8th 2008

Airline's study touts its economic impact

US Airways Group Inc. spends more than $440 million a year in Pennsylvania, with a ripple effect of nearly $1 billion in total economic activity in the state, according to a study released today. Read More
December 8th 2008

Mayor's forums could use a boos

ALMOST a year ago, the Daily News and WHYY launched "It's Our Money," a multimedia project funded by the William Penn Foundation to cover the city budget Read More
December 5th 2008

An abysmal week for local, national job losses

Serge Nalbantian is hardly a household name. But in Philadelphia, he has helped make quite a sizable impression - as in the soaring 975-foot Comcast Center. Read More
December 5th 2008

Focusing on the older worker

Tanya Richardson faces a quandary at the Vanguard Group Inc., where she is manager of corporate diversity in charge of programs to employ and retain workers older than 55. Read More
December 4th 2008

Survey Says

When the time came to make hard decisions, the people of Philadelphia were not consulted. The cuts Mayor Nutter made in the wake of the financial crisis were hammered out almost entirely in private, and without — so far as we know — polling actual residents. Read More
November 30th 2008

Bear crisis by resizing, reimagining

We are in the midst of the most challenging economic times in recent history. And government isn't insulated from the cascade of economic problems. Read More
November 24th 2008

Health-care, pension costs weigh heavily on city

Closing libraries and draining pools will get Mayor Nutter only so far. Read More
November 18th 2008

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane: PGW Study

Philadelphians pay more for natural gas than residents of any other U.S. snow-belt city. A report issued last month by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia takes an in depth look at the progress made and the challenges facing Philadelphia Gas Works, a city-owned utility company plagued with a... Read More
November 7th 2008

Impact of losing Glaxo headquarters not such a blow today

So how big a blow is it to lose GlaxoSmithKline's corporate headquarters in Philadelphia? Is it just prestige and bragging rights? Will some of the 4,500 workers here lose jobs? Read More
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