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March 19th 2009

Stimulus bill to benefit SEPTA

As a result of the $787 billion stimulus package recently signed by the federal government, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, SEPTA, will receive $193 million this spring. Read More
March 16th 2009

Compared to burbs, city tax burden has eased

As Mayor Nutter and City Council cope with the city's troubled finances, they might take note of a change that's quietly occurred in the region's tax picture: City taxes are less burdensome when compared to the suburbs than they used to be. Read More
March 15th 2009

Pennsylvania is Holding its Own

An aggressive state economic stimulus program, lower cost of living, and a strong university system boost the Keystone State. Read More
March 13th 2009

Ben Franklin Technology Partners invests $2 million in regional companies

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania announced yesterday plans to invest $2.05 million in 11 companies in and around Philadelphia. Read More
February 27th 2009

Stimulus will not directly aid Philadelphia

The global economic crisis has left Philadelphia's City budget with a $1 billion deficit and President Barack Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will not step in to help. Read More
February 26th 2009

Highway stimulus could boost big contractors

If past is prologue, Driscoll Construction Co. of Montgomery County and South State Inc. of Cumberland County can expect the federal stimulus program to be very good to them. Read More
February 25th 2009

SEPTA channels stimulus funding

SEPTA officials said they expect to receive bids by March and begin work by May on 28 projects financed by $193 million in funds under the new federal stimulus package. Read More
February 24th 2009

Philadelphia's share of the transportation billions from economic stimulus plan

The Philadelphia region is likely to get more than $600 million from the $48.1 billion committed to transportation projects in the new economic-stimulus program. Read More
February 24th 2009

Phila. region transit projects stand to get $631M from stimulus

The Philadelphia region probably will receive $631 million from the $48.1 billion that the federal stimulus package provides for transportation infrastructure projects, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. Read More
February 19th 2009

PA Legislature's investment in Ben Franklin Tech Partners earns triple payback

A new analysis of the economic impact of Ben Franklin Technology Partners reports that Pennsylvania's investment in technology innovation has paid for itself several times over. Read More
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