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February 24th 2009

Philadelphia's share of the transportation billions from economic stimulus plan

The Philadelphia region is likely to get more than $600 million from the $48.1 billion committed to transportation projects in the new economic-stimulus program. Read More
February 24th 2009

Phila. region transit projects stand to get $631M from stimulus

The Philadelphia region probably will receive $631 million from the $48.1 billion that the federal stimulus package provides for transportation infrastructure projects, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. Read More
February 19th 2009

PA Legislature's investment in Ben Franklin Tech Partners earns triple payback

A new analysis of the economic impact of Ben Franklin Technology Partners reports that Pennsylvania's investment in technology innovation has paid for itself several times over. Read More
February 13th 2009

Ben Franklin Technology Partners funding creates more tech jobs that pay better

Local technology entrepreneurs should give serious thought to dialing up Pennsylvania’s Ben Franklin Technology Partners. According to a study released Thursday, early-stage tech companies funded by the network from 2002 through 2006 generated 5 more jobs each year and paid 33 percent better than... Read More
February 12th 2009

Ben Franklin Technology Investment Grew Pennsylvania Economy by $9.3 Billion, Pennsylvania Economy League Study Shows

Impact study shows job creation, 3.5 to 1 payback for every dollar invested Read More
February 12th 2009

Ben Franklin Technology a boon, study says

Technology companies that received funding from Pennsylvania’s Ben Franklin Technology Partnership network from 2002 through 2006 boosted the state’s gross state product by $9.3 billion over that time, according to a study released Thursday. Read More
February 1st 2009

We Got Your Budget Right Here

There’s an old saying — never let a crisis go to waste. So far, though, Michael Nutter has done exactly that. Believe us, he knew how bad the budget crisis was before he took office. Read More
February 1st 2009

Back Channels: The opportunity for Phila.'s economy

The $819 billion Federal Bailout Express chugs along, killing any incentive for states and municipalities hurt by the recession to reform their finances. Read More
January 29th 2009

Option No. 3: The Five-Percent Solution

There is a simple way for the city to save a lot of money on its health insurance costs, which total about $400 million a year Read More
January 26th 2009

New phase in Philadelphia’s budget process gets underway

The City of Philadelphia is stepping up its effort to win public support for the next round of budget cuts. Over the weekend, the Mayor Michael Nutter made visits to several neighborhoods to explain face-to-face the toll the national recession is having on this city's finances. This handshake... Read More
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