• Steve Wray
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Regional Direction

Working Together for a World Class Future

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been pleased to share the thoughts of regional leaders who have been active participants in the development of World Class Global Positioning Strategies (GPSes).


These GPSes, which will be officially launched next Monday at the Annual World Class Summit at WHYY, are the product of a three-year regional strategy process that has engaged more than 1,500 regional leaders in workshops, public forums, interviews, roundtables and strategy team meetings. We are grateful to everyone who has participated so far and made the GPSes truly shared strategies that can serve as a framework for future action and investment.


And that’s the key. The GPSes are a starting point for future action, but we must leave room for adjustment as circumstances change, while holding true to long-term goals that stand no matter what happens in the world around us. No matter what, we must have a well-educated and trained workforce. No matter what, we must have a steady supply of new and growing businesses. No matter what, we have to be able to connect to the world and within our region.


So what's next for World Class Greater Philadelphia?


At the Economy League, we will continue to pursue our core work: to plan for the future of our region, to partner with civic organizations and local governments and to engage leaders to support the World Class strategies. As we do this, we are reexamining how we work and what we work on to ensure our activities best support the World Class agenda.


But most important, we will be establishing ongoing partnerships in education and talent, business growth and infrastructure to: conduct research and analysis that will help us understand if we are reaching our goals; bring awareness to the importance of the strategies in the GPSes; and support and develop policies and programs aligned with the World Class agenda.  


As you’ve already seen, one of our first steps has been to pursue a new approach to communications around the World Class GPSes. While the initial issues of Regional Direction were a start, we have a lot more planned. In the coming days, weeks and months you will see a new and enhanced World Class website and Regional Direction will become a monthly newsletter that will highlight bright spots and opportunities to advance the World Class agenda, while shining a light on research and analysis that informs it.


This is where you come in. Share the World Class vision and GPSes with others in your network or in your organization and use them to guide your strategic planning efforts. Get in touch – let us know what you are doing to meet these goals, how we can support your efforts, and how others can connect to your work. 


World Class is more than just a set of strategies, it’s an attitude. And it’s a shared attitude about working together to meet big goals, overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Our regional World Class journey is not starting or ending, but is now expanding. There is a lot to do to make sure that we are reaching our World Class destinations – let’s take these GPSes and get on our way.