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December 3rd 2015

Economic Analysis Shows Benefits of Norristown High Speed Line’s Extension into Upper Merion

The benefits for extending SEPTA’s Norristown High Speed Line into Upper Merion got a boost Thursday with the release of a detailed economic analysis. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Study: KoP Rail Could Add Nearly $1B in Real Estate Value

The rail line could also alleviate long, frustrating hours spent slogging slowly along the Schuylkill Expressway where rush hour is seemingly every hour these days. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Analyzing Benefits of Extending Norristown High Speed Line to KOP

A new analysis, released today by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, takes a look at potential benefits of extending the Norristown High Speed line to King of Prussia. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Report Makes Case for King of Prussia Rail Line

“How many of you took transit to get here?” SEPTA Deputy General Manager Rich Burnfield asked the standing-room-only crowd. Read More
December 3rd 2015

New Analysis Estimates Benefits of King of Prussia Rail Project

Economy League, Econsult Solutions, Inc., Quantify Economic Impact for Region Read More
October 29th 2015

Innovation at Heart of Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange

Danielle Cohn, Comcast Director of Entrepreneurial Engagement, discusses the role of innovation at the 2015 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. Read More
October 27th 2015

4 ways Stephen Klasko is making Jefferson a hotbed of health innovation

The chief of the med school and health system spoke at last week's Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. Read More
October 26th 2015

The Economy League’s leadership conference had its biggest tech showing to date

It's another sign of the tech scene moving into the city's mainstream business community. Read More
September 16th 2015

Reduce recidivism and help people with reentry

Philadelphia currently has one of the highest incarceration rates of any large U.S. city. Economy League Executive Director Steve Wray and Philadelphia Policy Commissioner Charles Ramsey explore how a "Pay for Success" funding model could help reduce recidivism by providing transitional employment... Read More
July 27th 2015

Poverty Hurts Economy

HOW DOES A CITY make progress? That's never a simple proposition, especially in a city like ours. Political will is certainly a factor (as is citizen will), but even the most disciplined political will can be no match for a strong stand from the business community. Read More
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