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December 15th 2015

New Analysis of Projected Rail Line to King of Prussia is Big News for the Whole Region

Imagine shaving over thirty minutes off of the commute between Center City and King of Prussia (KOP), the region’s greatest economic center outside the city limits. Read More
December 8th 2015

King of Prussia Rail project could help shorten commuting time

The Economic League of Greater Philadelphia released a study last week which shows the proposed extension of commuter rail to King of Prussia, could yield many benefits. Read More
December 7th 2015

Report highlights benefits of extending SEPTA's Norristown line

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority's (SEPTA) proposed extension of the Norristown High-Speed Line to King of Prussia, Pa., is expected to add $540 million to $946 million to the city's real estate value over 20 years. Read More
December 7th 2015

New Study Says KOP-Philly Rail Could Increase Area Property Value by $1 Billion

A recent study on the proposed rail-link between the King of Prussia and Philadelphia has found that the project could add between $540 million and $946 million to the value of nearby real estate over the next two decades. Read More
December 5th 2015

Study: Extending SEPTA from Philly to KOP would add jobs, development

Extending rail service from Philadelphia to King of Prussia would create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into the value of the area's real estate, a new study says. Read More
December 4th 2015

Study: King of Prussia Rail a Fast Track to Growth

The planned rail extension to King of Prussia should create more than $1 billion in local economic activity. Read More
December 4th 2015

Long-awaited Train to King of Prussia Would Boost Economy, Study Says

Someday, fighting for the deals at the country's second largest mall may no longer mean fighting your way to a parking spot. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Economic Analysis Shows Benefits of Norristown High Speed Line’s Extension into Upper Merion

The benefits for extending SEPTA’s Norristown High Speed Line into Upper Merion got a boost Thursday with the release of a detailed economic analysis. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Study: KoP Rail Could Add Nearly $1B in Real Estate Value

The rail line could also alleviate long, frustrating hours spent slogging slowly along the Schuylkill Expressway where rush hour is seemingly every hour these days. Read More
December 3rd 2015

Analyzing Benefits of Extending Norristown High Speed Line to KOP

A new analysis, released today by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, takes a look at potential benefits of extending the Norristown High Speed line to King of Prussia. Read More
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