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November 1st 2013

Leadership Exchange Explores Philadelphia International Airport

November 1, 2013   PHILADELPHIA - Leaders from various business, civic and government organizations throughout the region visited Philadelphia International Airport on October 24th as part of the 2013 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. The group received a behind-the-scenes tour of the... Read More
October 28th 2013

Constraint Should be Catalyst, Not Excuse: Leadership Exchange

October 28, 2013 Christopher Wink, Technical.ly Philly   Say someone gives you $500 toward your new business. What would you do? What if you were given $50,000 instead? What about $5 million?   When Wayne Williams gives this challenge to participants in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small... Read More
October 26th 2013

Making it Work in Camden

October 26, 2013 Solomon Jones, Axis Philly   In many ways, Camden is a microcosm of the worst of Philadelphia’s impoverished communities. Drug corners flourish in the shadow of schools. Abandonment buttresses new development. Poverty stands at 38 percent, and the 16.6 percent unemployment... Read More
September 13th 2013

It All Starts with a Shared Agenda

September 13, 2013 Steve Wray, Region's Business   For the past four years, the Economy League’s World-Class Greater Philadelphia effort has been tackling the very question that this issue of Region’s Business is addressing: What will it take for Greater Philadelphia to become and remain a... Read More
August 13th 2013

Collaboration Underway in Philly Region

The following letter by Bernie Dagenais, Bob Moul, David Ricci, and Steve Wray appeared in the August 13, 2013 edition of the Philadelphia Daily News.   We agree wholeheartedly with the central point of Andrew Swinney's recent letter to the editor ("Our approach to society's ills is too... Read More
July 19th 2013

Aiding Students is Good Business

July 19, 2013 Bernard Dagenais, Philadelphia Inquirer   A serial entrepreneur I know likes to say that the best ideas keep coming to him again and again until he just has to pursue them. This applies to an idea that the Philadelphia region and the Main Line Chamber of Commerce must pursue:... Read More
July 5th 2013

U.S. Open Proved Philadelphia is World Class

July 5, 2013 Nicholas DeBenedictis, Philadelphia Business Journal    Guest Commentary by Nicholas DeBenedictis, Chairman, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau   The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and Urban Land Institute-Philadelphia recently rolled out their "World-Class... Read More
July 5th 2013

US Open proved that Philadelphia is world class

The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and Urban Land Institute-Philadelphia recently rolled out their "World-Class Infrastructure GPS," a visionary roadmap produced by civic, business and government leaders that charts a course towards a more economically vibrant and globally competitive future... Read More
July 1st 2013

Regional Leaders Name Nine Key Targets for Infrastructure Priorities

June 14, 2013  Julia Bergman, Axis Philly   At times it may seem like a broken record, the way people keep bringing it up.  Our bridges and roads are in disrepair, our transportation systems need major investment, our aging water infrastructure requires significant maintenance – and somehow... Read More
July 1st 2013

Aqua America Chair: Private Investment Can Play Key Role in Repair of Nation's Infrastructure

June 20, 2013 Business Wire   BRYN MAWR, Pa. - Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE: WTR) Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis said today that “Private companies have the capital and other resources necessary to be key players in the construction, repair and rehabilitation of our nation’s... Read More
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