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July 1st 2013

Regional Leaders Name Nine Key Targets for Infrastructure Priorities

June 14, 2013  Julia Bergman, Axis Philly   At times it may seem like a broken record, the way people keep bringing it up.  Our bridges and roads are in disrepair, our transportation systems need major investment, our aging water infrastructure requires significant maintenance – and somehow... Read More
July 1st 2013

Aqua America Chair: Private Investment Can Play Key Role in Repair of Nation's Infrastructure

June 20, 2013 Business Wire   BRYN MAWR, Pa. - Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE: WTR) Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis said today that “Private companies have the capital and other resources necessary to be key players in the construction, repair and rehabilitation of our nation’s... Read More
July 1st 2013

Rendell: Withhold Donations Until House Acts on Transportation Bill

June 20, 2013 Region's Business   Former Governor Ed Rendell wants 300 of the top businesses in the region to get tough with the House politicians who are delaying the passage of the transportation bill.   Speaking at the World Class Greater Philadelphia Infrastructure GPS event Thursday,... Read More
July 1st 2013

New Infrastructure GPS Targets Improvement Priorities

June 24, 2013 Christine Fisher, Plan Philly    Last week, World Class Greater Philadelphia and the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia released “World Class Infrastructure GPS,” a new ranking of the infrastructure investments needed to take Philadelphia to the next level.    Here GPS... Read More
July 1st 2013

Experts: Infrastructure Needs Over $100 Billion in Overhaul

June 24, 2013 Carl O'Donnell, Philadelphia Business Journal   Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has a gripe with the U.S. infrastructure.   The United States is ranked 18th in the world for ports and 22nd for rail, according to a recent study. Things are far worse for air transit, as... Read More
June 14th 2013

Economy League Hopes World Class Greater Philadelphia Initiative is a "Playbook" for the Region's Growth

June 14, 2013 Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly   After more than 100 years of conducting research on the region's economy, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia was ready for something more ambitious.   The organization, whose Center City office holds two bookshelves full of its... Read More
May 10th 2013

Don't Deviate From SEPTA

May 10, 2013 Craig Ey, Philadelphia Business Journal    Let's face it. We southeastern Pennsylvanians are about as popular in the rest of the state as, say, New Yorkers are in Mississippi.   You get the picture. Some people appreciate us, but let's just say it's not a groundswell.... Read More
May 2nd 2013

SEPTA's overdue bills: it's time to pay

The regional transit authority is the Philadelphia region's poster child for decades of underinvestment in transportation infrastructure. It's been so poor, and for so long, that its maintenance backlog is now $5 billion. And that's just for basic repairs. Read More
April 29th 2013

Study Says SEPTA is Strapped

April 29, 2013 Paul Nussbaum, Philadelphia Inquirer     SEPTA supports nearly 26,000 jobs, contributes $3.21 billion in economic output, and generates $62.5 million in state tax revenue, according to a study released Monday.     The study, commissioned by SEPTA, comes as the... Read More
April 29th 2013

Budget Woes Threaten SEPTA's Stability

April 29, 2013 Mike Dunn, CBS Philly   PHILADELPHIA - Even as SEPTA moves toward a new system-wide fare hike, a report being released today finds that the transit agency's capital needs are woefully underfunded.   The study by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and Econsult finds... Read More
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