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Budget Play

April 7, 2008

Patrick Kerkstra, Philadelphia Inquirer


So, you think Mayor Nutter is blowing it by cutting taxes too fast? Not fast enough? You're sure City Council's spending priorities are out of whack, and that instead they ought to invest in libraries, or the park system, or rec centers, or the schools?


Do you think, in short, that you could do better?


Late this summer, you'll get the chance to prove it. In August, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia hopes to launch an interactive city budget simulation that will let citizens fund their pet projects to their hearts' content: so long as they make it up by slashing services elsewhere.


The idea is to give residents a dose of fiscal reality, as well as an understanding of the hard choices Nutter and City Council face.


The project will be funded by a $100,000 grant from the Lenfest Foundation. The Inquirer's Great Expectations project is a partner.