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    Interested in working at the Economy League? Learn about opportunities to join our team below. 


At the Economy League, we are committed to fostering an organizational culture built around five core values. 
  • Excellence: We are committed to conducting ourselves to the highest professional standard and producing work of the highest quality.

  • Accountability: We acknowledge responsibility and assume ownership for our decisions, actions, and work products. 

  • Collaboration: Because the issues we focus on are complex, involve competing interests and cut across sectors, disciplines, and geographies, collaboration is critical to our organizational effectiveness.

  • Flexibility: The complex nature of our work and the small size of our staff make flexibility key to our success.

  • Fun: We strive to create and maintain a workplace that is both productive and fun for all of our employees.


Check back in the future for employment opportunities




The Economy League offers a limited number of internship opportunities to graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors throughout the year. (Unpaid internships for academic credit can also be arranged.) Work hours are flexible; however we look for interns who can commit to at least two days a week during the academic year and four to five days a week during the summer.
We offer internships both during the traditional academic semesters (Spring and Fall) and during Summer break. Internship opportunities will be posted two to three months before the start of an internship position (November for Spring, March for Summer, and June for Fall).



Check back in the future for internship opportunities