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    Updates and insight on education & talent development, business growth, and infrastructure in Greater Philadelphia
  • Education & Talent Development
Education & Talent
September 24th 2014

Education & Innovation in Massachusetts

Next month, more than 100 business, civic and government leaders will travel to Boston as part of our Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. As we prepare for the visit, we take a closer look at how Boston is tackling critical issues related to growth and opportunity. This piece focuses on the... Read More
  • Business Growth Technology
Business Growth
July 5th 2014

Driving Technology Transfer in Greater Philadelphia

In today’s innovation economy, regions that are able to translate research discoveries into viable products and services are poised to capture significant growth. With Greater Philadelphia’s world class academic and medical research institutions, converting promising ideas and technologies to the... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Early Education
Education & Talent
July 5th 2014

Giving More Kids Access to High-Quality Early Education

Persistent disparities in educational achievement represent a major obstacle to growth and opportunity in Greater Philadelphia. This achievement gap starts long before children enter kindergarten.   In fact, recent studies have found vocabulary differences between poor and higher-income... Read More
  • Infrastructure PHL International Airport
June 26th 2014

Enhancing Greater Philadelphia's Global Reach

As more businesses require access to routes of international trade and travel, convenient and reliable connections to established and emerging markets will greatly influence Greater Philadelphia’s economic competitiveness. The quality of our region’s international connections depends in no small... Read More
  • World Class Index Cover
Regional Direction
June 24th 2014

Tracking Progress for Smarter Investments

Back in 2009, we launched the World Class initiative with the goal of developing and sustaining a new way of working together to achieve big goals for our region. And over the last several years, we’ve engaged countless civic and business leaders not only to establish a shared vision of a World... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Pre-K for PA
Education & Talent
June 23rd 2014

High Quality Pre-K: A Wise Investment

Contributing writer John Miller explores why both local and national business leaders support investing in high-quality early learning. This is the final installment in a two-part series focused on early childhood education (for part one, click here).   As the Roaring Twenties careened to a... Read More
  • Stacy Holland Head Shot 2015
Education & Talent
May 19th 2014

5 Questions for Stacy Holland, Chief of Strategic Partnerships for the Philadelphia School District

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia School District released a new Action Plan (v2.0) outlining its current and planned priorities. The plan is organized around four "anchor goals" that closely align with the World Class agenda for K-12 education (Read more in What Makes the Philadelphia School... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development Early Learning
Education & Talent
May 19th 2014

State Leads on Early Education

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama called on state and federal legislators to invest in early childhood education. It’s not the first time he’s called for improving educational foundations for children. While this support is important, the real action, as with most education... Read More
  • GPLEX Boston 2014
April 18th 2014

Learning from Boston Strong for a Better Philadelphia

For me, the two most anxious weeks of the year are the homestretch of the Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange application period. While the Economy League staff always patiently endure my worries that our applications will be down, they know from experience that the vast majority are submitted... Read More
  • Business Growth Tech Startups
Business Growth
April 17th 2014

The Maturation of PHL's Tech Startup Scene: Part II

This post is the second in a two-part series focused on the region’s evolving tech startup scene prepared for last fall’s Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. (Click here to read the first post in the series.)   Collaborative Feeders   Greater Philadelphia has long been known for its... Read More
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