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    Updates and insight on education & talent development, business growth, and infrastructure in Greater Philadelphia
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September 24th 2015

Exchange to Change: The Leadership Exchange’s Key Ingredient

In the fifth installment of the Economy League’s Exchange to Change series, Josh Sevin examines how new relationships and collaborations seeded at the Leadership Exchange have led to lasting change in Greater Philadelphia. Read More
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Regional Direction
August 28th 2015

10 Signs of Global Progress in Greater Philadelphia

In 2009, the Economy League launched World Class Greater Philadelphia with the goal of developing and sustaining a new way of working together to achieve big goals for our region. From the beginning – as exhibited by its very name – the World Class agenda has sought to expand our region’s global... Read More
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July 24th 2015

Exchange to Change: Embracing Newcomers & Diversity

In the fourth installment of the Economy League’s Exchange to Change series, Allison Kelsey examines how the regions we’ve visited have fostered diversity and inclusion – and how our trip to Toronto helped shape immigrant supports in Greater Philadelphia. Read More
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Regional Direction
July 16th 2015

Expanding Opportunity

The special Economy League analysis Expanding Opportunity examines ways in which advancing the World Class agenda can expand opportunity across Greater Philadelphia’s many communities while driving economic growth at the regional level. Learn how our region stacks up on key measures of growth and... Read More
  • Education & Talent Development
Education & Talent
July 16th 2015

Moving Workers from Low-Wage Jobs to Family-Sustaining Careers

Fifteen million workers in the US earn less than $10 an hour, more than half of whom are over the age of 25. While fast food or retail often come to mind when we think of low-paying jobs, the reality is that many sectors, including healthcare, education, childcare, and manufacturing, have large... Read More
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Business Growth
July 16th 2015

Supporting Underserved Entrepreneurs

More than ever, smart economic development is focused on ways to support entrepreneurship and stimulate the kind of job growth that young firms bring to a healthy regional economy. With nearly all of net job creation in the US coming from firms less than five years old, entrepreneurship has rightly... Read More
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July 16th 2015

Expanding Transportation Access

As the literal link between people and jobs, transportation plays a critical role in enabling access to opportunity. In Greater Philadelphia, a rich legacy of prior investments has endowed us with extensive transportation infrastructure assets. However, many of the region’s roads, transit routes,... Read More
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Regional Direction
June 23rd 2015

A World Class Future Means Growth and Opportunity

With two major events bringing global attention to Greater Philadelphia over the next 12 months, it’s a moment of great civic pride. In the lead-up to both Pope Francis’ visit and the Democratic National Convention, we’ll be telling and retelling the story of our region's many strengths and our... Read More
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June 23rd 2015

Exchange to Change: Change Starts at Home

 In the third installment of the Economy League’s Exchange to Change series, Allison Kelsey examines fresh ideas and mindsets that Leadership Exchange participants have ended up applying within their own organizations.     Looking back on 10 years of the Greater Philadelphia Leadership... Read More
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May 20th 2015

Exchange to Change: Three Big Ideas that Came Back from Chicago

  In the second installment of the Economy League’s Exchange to Change series, Josh Sevin reviews ideas that were brought back from the first Leadership Exchange trip to Chicago in 2005 and implemented at home.      When we explain to people what happens on the Greater Philadelphia... Read More
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