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April 1st 1989

Impact of Local tax Reform on Model Households in Southeastern Pennsylvania Communities

This report highlights the impact of local tax reform on model households throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and shows the outcome of local tax reform for individuals. Read More

September 1st 1986

Memorandum: Alternative Ways to Reduce Philadelphia's Wage Tax

This memorandum provides the background data needed to evaluate alternatives. Read More

December 1st 1984

Philadelphia Needs to Revise its Municipal Retirement Program

This report provides recommendations regarding the municipal retirement program to the City of Philadelphia’s Mayor and Philadelphia City Council. Read More

May 1st 1984

Philadelphia Needs City/School Consolidation

In this report, the Economy League argues that a change in the governance of Philadelphia public schools is imperative if they are to successfully prepare children for the future. Read More

December 1st 1983

Trends in Assessed Values and Real Estate Tax Rates in Delaware County Municipalities 1980-1983

This report explores the trends in real estate tax rates and assessed values of taxable real estate (upon which the taxes are based) in Delaware County, its 15 school districts, and its 49 municipalities for 1980-1983. Read More

January 1st 1983

Philadelphia Real Estate Assessments--The Situation in Spring 1983

The purpose of this brief report is to provide available information on the assessment situation in Philadelphia in 1983. Read More

June 1st 1982

The Question of Payments by NonProfit Tax-Exempt Institutions for Municipal Services in Philadelphia

In this report, the Economy League provides a summary presentation of arguments for and against payments by tax exempt institutions and municipal services. Read More

January 1st 1982

Analysis of Policies to Help Low-Income Property Owners Cope with Rising Taxes Resulting from Higher Assessments

In this study, the Economy League discusses the need for property tax relief; examines proposed legislation in Harrisburg and Philadelphia; and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various alternatives. Read More

August 1st 1980

The Problems with Philadelphia Real Property Assessment Practices and Solutions

The Economy League’s special study of Philadelphia’s real property assessment practices is not intended either to support or refute specific theories or practices on the calculation of average assessed value or sales price ratios in the taxing district. Read More

April 1st 1980

Benefits of City of Philadelphia Employees Compared with Benefits in Private Industry: 1980

The purpose of this report is to provide information regarding the City of Philadelphia’s employee benefits and how they compare to those of private industry. Read More

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