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    Explore the Economy League's extensive repository of insight on Greater Philadelphia.
November 1st 1996

Montgomery Township Fiscal Analysis: Making Decisions in a Climate of Change

This comparative analysis recognizes that it is important for a jurisdiction to be aware of what its neighbors are doing fiscally--how much are they taxing their residents and businesses, with an understanding of the level of services they provide. Read More

October 1st 1996

Building a World Class Technical Workforce: The Key to a Competitive Greater Philadelphia

This report seeks to answer the question: How can the region's workforce development system offer a cutting-edge labor pool of sufficient size and quality to meet the demands of globally competitive businesses? Read More

February 1st 1996

Greater Philadelphia's Challenge: Capitalizing on Change in the Regional Health Care Economy

This report not only describes what has occurred in the health services industry but also considers its likely change of direction over the next 3-to-5 years while identifying strategies for strengthening the region's economic competitiveness. Read More

June 1st 1994

Trends in State Mass Transit Funding and SEPTA's Impact on State and City Tax Revenues

The Pennsylvania Economy League (1) examined trends in recent state contributions to urban mass transit and (2) estimated total income tax revenues paid to the State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia, by persons using the SEPTA system to commute to work. Read More

November 1st 1992

Small Cities, Big Taxes: Business Taxation and the Competitiveness of Pennsylvania Cities

This report explores state and local tax burdens on key industries in Pennsylvania cities as well as major cities in other Northeastern states. Read More

July 1st 1992

The Business Tax Climate in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Competitor Locations

The Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) compiled this report that compares tax burdens for businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania with the tax liabilities that these businesses encounter in other regions in the United States. Read More

January 1st 1992

History and Features of Philadelphia Government

This report supplies a brief history of the city government's charters; summarizes the main features of the current charter and its educational supplement; and briefly describes city-county consolidation, judicial government, and authorities serving Philadelphia. Read More

November 1st 1990

Contracting Out Services in Philadelphia

This Pennsylvania Economy League report on contracting out services in Philadelphia should be a useful tool for the City, given the current environment of severe fiscal problems which is forcing it to choose from a variety of difficult choices. Read More

October 1st 1990

Economic Impact of the Philadelphia Naval Base and Shipyard on the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area

This study analyzes the economic impact of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and Base on the Philadelphia metropolitan area and the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read More

June 1st 1989

Selling the Philadelphia Gas Works: Consequences for the City and the Consumer

This report attempts to answer these questions and draws a conclusion regarding the sale of the utility to the private sector. Read More

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