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April 1st 2000

Economic Impact Analysis of the Proposed I-95/PA Turnpike Interchange

This report contains an analysis of the potential economic impacts of the proposed I-95/Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange, detailing potential impacts associated with interchange construction and infrastructure improvements, cost-savings, and gains in business and tourism attraction. Read More

January 1st 2000

Immigration in Philadelphia: A Call to Action

This analysis aims to raise awareness about the population and economic benefits of immigration in general as well as potential strategies for helping Greater Philadelphia to be more successful at attracting immigrants. Read More

May 1st 1999

The Economic and Revenue Impact of the Pennsylvania Convention Center: Update as of FY 1997, FY 1998

At the request of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority (PCCA), the Pennsylvania Economy League-Eastern Division (PEL) was asked to prepare an updated estimate of the economic impact of activities at the Pennsylvania Convention Center for FY 1997 and 1998. Read More

January 1st 1999

The Sterling Act: A Brief History

This report is a decade-by-decade examination of this act. This history focuses, in particular, on state government actions/legislation, city government actions/legislation, and court cases and decisions. Read More

November 1st 1998

Women and Entrepreneurship in Greater Philadelphia

Recognizing that little was known about the experiences of successful businesswomen in the region, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Network engaged the Economy League to undertake a study of women and entrepreneurship in Greater Philadelphia. Read More

September 1st 1998

Greater Philadelphia's Competitive Edge: The Nonprofit Culture Industry and its Economic Value to the Region

The Regional Arts and Culture Economic Initiative – a task force of regional private sector leadership—was formed in 1997 to take on this challenge, and their findings are presented in this report. Read More

August 1st 1998

Economic Impact of the Regional Performing Arts Center

As plans for Philadelphia's new $245 million performing arts center move forward, the region's arts organizations and audiences look forward to the cultural impact that such a project will have. Read More

January 1st 1998

Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer in Greater Philadelphia

The purpose of this analysis is to assess the degree to which university technology transfer contributes to entrepreneurship in Greater Philadelphia and the potential for this relationship to grow. Read More

January 1st 1998

An Assessment of Early-Stage Venture Capital in Greater Philadelphia: 1986 to 1996

The primary purpose of this report was to assess venture backing of early-stage companies in the region, with a particular emphasis on the level of investment made; the industries of early-stage companies that were backed by venture capital; and the origin of venture capital investments. Read More

January 1st 1997

Understanding the Economic Value of Schuylkill River Park

The Schuylkill River Development Council engaged the Pennsylvania Economy League, Inc. - Eastern Division to conduct a thorough study of the Park's economic value, focusing on the qualitative aspects of value but providing quantitative analysis where possible. Read More

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