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December 1st 2004

Is Regionalism Dead?

This is a regional economy, with a regional labor market, a regional housing market, and a regional transportation network, that does compete with other regions for jobs and investment and talent. We all lead regional lives — live one place, work another, shop another, eat another. Thinking and... Read More
June 1st 2004

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Survey of Recent College Graduates

This report highlights the findings of one of the most comprehensive surveys of recent graduates to date about their motivations for remaining -- or not -- in the Philadelphia region after graduation. Read More

October 1st 2003

Thinking Outside the Box About Philadelphia

This issue of Greater Philadelphia Regional Review highlights past, present and future plans for the city, inviting us all to think differently about the future of our region and its communities. Here we have a collection of progressive plans and proposals that challenge the status quo and push the... Read More
April 1st 2003

The Fight for Metropolitan Philadelphia: An Agenda

In this follow-up agenda to Flight or Fight (2001), the Economy League proposes policy shifts to concentrate development, conserve natural lands, equalize fiscal resources, and connect growth with the right transportation, housing, and workforce policies. Read More

April 1st 2003

No Brain -- No Gain: Town/Gown Relations and the Competition for Talent

To compete within the new knowledge economy we must increase the size of the skilled workforce that we can offer to employers and retain more college graduates who will bring innovation and entrepreneurship to the area. Read More
January 1st 2003

Toward a Strategic Framework for Investment in Philadelphia's Commercial Corridors

This study is the first effort to understand the complex interactions within Philadelphia’s system of commercial corridors with the aim of developing a strategic framework for public and quasi-public investment in their revitalization. Read More

September 1st 2001

Flight or Fight: Metropolitan Philadelphia and Its Future

This report brings together comprehensive regional data with the real life experiences of residents and lays out an agenda for change. Read More

June 1st 2001

Meeting the Challenge: Managing the Fiscal Impact of Charter Schools in PA

The City of Philadelphia, School District of Philadelphia, and Urban Affairs Coalition asked the Economy League to analyze the fiscal effect of the legislation -- primarily the cost of charters and the efficiencies afforded by their presence. Read More

May 1st 2001

Workforce 2001: An Annual Report on Greater Philadelphia's Labor Market

As a whole, this report paints the picture of a region rich with opportunity for transformation but without a coherent plan and the unified will to make it happen. Read More

September 1st 2000

Greater Philadelphia's Knowledge Industry: Leveraging the Region's Colleges and Universities in the New Economy

This report documents Greater Philadelphia’s current standing as a knowledge region and offers a set of strategic recommendations for better linking the region’s knowledge assets to economic development. Read More

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