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    Explore the Economy League's extensive repository of insight on Greater Philadelphia.
June 1st 2008

Economy League 2007-2008 Annual Report

This annual report covers the Economy League’s finances and projects during the 2007 to 2008 year. Read More

May 1st 2008

Commonwealth Giving: A Report on Pennsylvania Philanthropy

This study provides a benchmark of how Pennsylvania giving compares to national philanthropic trends. Read More

January 1st 2008

Philadelphia's Quiet Crisis: The Rising Cost of Employee Benefits

This report is meant to evaluate the extent of this “quiet crisis”; compare Philadelphia’s situation to other cities; and suggest policy options that would decrease projected costs yet be fair to the City’s employees. Read More

October 1st 2007

Accelerating Technology Transfer in Greater Philadelphia

Based on a literature review, benchmarking against peer regions, and interviews with stakeholders, the study identifies several strategies for advancing the area’s commercialization potential. Read More

May 1st 2007

An Analysis of Economic Impacts Associated with SEPTA's FY 2008 Operating Budget "Plan B" Alternative

The Economy League worked with Econsult Corporation to analyze the economic impacts of Plan B on individuals, businesses, governments and the region's overall competitiveness. Read More

October 1st 2006

Investing in Transportation: A Benchmarking Study of Transportation Funding and Policy

In this benchmarking study, the Economy League examines other states’ transportation infrastructure, physical conditions and performance, and transportation funding mechanisms and compares and contrasts these indicators with Pennsylvania. Read More

April 1st 2006

The State of Early Learning in Southeastern PA

This report assesses the current state of early learning in southeastern Pennsylvania with regards to what types of settings children 5 years and younger are placed in today as well as the quality of these settings in terms of preparing young children for kindergarten and academic success. Read More

January 1st 2006

Think Big and Work Together: Lessons from Chicago

Good leaders are impatient to spark action but understand that good strategy can make sure the action yields the result they want. Last September, when the Pennsylvania Economy League sponsored the Leadership Exchange visit to Chicago, we wanted to see what happens when enough people get both... Read More

June 1st 2005

Graduate! Philadelphia: The Challenge to Complete

This “blue paper” – a cross between a white paper that outlines the problem and the blueprint to tackling it – lays out the magnitude and consequences of this problem. Read More

January 1st 2005

The ABCs of Early Childhood Care and Education

There’s growing evidence — hard evidence gathered from years of study and research — that starting school at age five isn’t enough. Simply put, children who fail to start school ready to learn will find it difficult to travel the path of prosperity. Read More

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