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    Explore the Economy League's extensive repository of insight on Greater Philadelphia.
September 1st 2009

The University City Science Center: An Engine of Economic Growth for Greater Philadelphia

This report focuses on the impact of the Science Center’s incubation services on the Greater Philadelphia region’s economy. Read More

August 1st 2009

Philadelphia Economic Index 2001 - 2008

The Index combines data from 15 individual economic indicators, through a relative weighting system, to create a single numerical series that is useful in evaluating economic trends over time. Read More

August 1st 2009

2009 Insight Magazine: Benchmarking

In this special edition of Insight magazine, the Economy League explores the factors used to rank the world’s best cities and regions – taking a specific look at places that typically do well in these rankings – and examines how Greater Philadelphia is viewed on the global stage. Read More

June 1st 2009

Philadelphia Budget Challenge: Key findings from the first thirty days

The following documents show key findings of the challenge, in which more than 1,400 people participated. Read More

April 1st 2009

Economy League Roundtable I.09: Greater Philadelphia’s Leaders on the Regional Economy

Overall, optimism was the undercurrent of the three 90‐minute sessions: the area’s strength in colleges and universities and in world‐renowned teaching and research hospitals (known collectively as “eds and meds”) has been key to the recession’s relatively mild effects. Read More

February 1st 2009

A Continuing Record of Achievement: The Economic Impact of Ben Franklin Technology Partners 2002 - 2006

This study quantifies the economic impact of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners on companies that received support, and the impact BFTP-clients had on the economy of Pennsylvania. Read More

February 1st 2009

Stimulus for Greater Philadelphia: What it Means for Transportation Investment in the Region

This Economy League analysis reveals that the stimulus will not chart a new course for the future. But, with a coherent strategy to leverage this one-time shot-in-the-arm, it can serve as a catalyst for change. Read More

October 1st 2008

2008 Regional Review: Minority Businesses

This report is an outgrowth of the 2005 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange where participants ranked boosting minority entrepreneurship among their top priorities for the Philadelphia region and tasked the Economy League with identifying the forces at work. Read More

October 1st 2008

The Philadelphia Gas Works: Challenges and Solutions

This study concludes that improving PGW’s current condition not only will provide Philadelphians with less expensive gas service but also will enhance its value for that time when market conditions are more favorable for a potential sale or other conveyance. Read More

July 1st 2008

Maritime Commerce in Greater Philadelphia

In this report, the Economy League evaluates existing port conditions along the Delaware River and market-driven opportunities for expansion. Read More

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