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    Explore the Economy League's extensive repository of insight on Greater Philadelphia.
September 1st 2011

Economic Benefits of Employing Formerly Incarcerated Individuals in Philadelphia

In this report, the Economy League examines the economic benefits in three categories: earnings for individuals, city sales and wage tax contributions, and costs avoided due to reduced recidivism. Read More

August 1st 2011

Philadelphia Economic Index 2001-2010

The Index combines data from 15 individual economic indicators to create a single numerical series useful in evaluating economic trends over time. Read More

April 1st 2011

2026: Future Histories

These futures, presented in the report 2026: Future Histories of Greater Philadelphia, were used to stimulate thought and discussion among Greater Philadelphia’s leaders about what our region must focus on in the years to come. Read More

January 1st 2011

2011 Insight Magazine: Bay Area

In this issue of Insight, you’ll meet an assortment of Bay Area innovators. Read More

January 1st 2011

The Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania

The study – the first of its kind for southeastern Pennsylvania – examines the economic benefits associated with preserved open space in four key areas: property values, the environment, recreation and health, and jobs and revenue. Read More

January 1st 2011

Southeastern PA & the Commonwealth Budget: An Analysis of the Region’s Share of General Fund

At the request of the Metropolitan Caucus, a convening body of elected officials from Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties and the City of Philadelphia, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia drafted this report detailing the state revenues generated by the region. Read More

July 1st 2010

2010 Roundtables Summary Report

The Economy League has summarized these roundtable discussions in this report. Read More

December 18th 2009

2009 Insight: Connecting Globally, Prospering Locally

Don’t think of a region as a factory cranking out products, the experts tell us. Think of a region as a network, a hub, a circuit board – pick your metaphor, as long as it reflects that Greater Philadelphia can thrive only by connecting people and businesses with a global economy that is far bigger... Read More

December 1st 2009

2009 Insight Magazine: Atlanta

In this issue of Insight, the Economy League discusses how the Atlanta region is tackling issues of environmental and economic sustainability, traffic gridlock, governing the nation’s fastest growing region – and much more. Read More

October 1st 2009

Implementing Green Infrastructure: Developing a Winning Strategy to Fund Philadelphia's Ambitious Visions

This report examines the challenges involved in incorporating green infrastructure and forms a comprehensive road map to provide city leaders with new tools for navigating the path towards Philadelphia's green-city goals. Read More

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