Regional Direction
June 3rd 2019

Homeownership Among Philadelphia's Millennial Generation

With City Council’s recent expansion of the Philly First Home program, homeownership may become more affordable for many first-time buyers in the city.  In this Policy Brief, the Economy League looks at how homeownership maps out across Philadelphia – with a particular focus on the young (25-34... Read More
Regional Direction
May 6th 2019

Income Inequality Among Philadelphia's Workforce

During recent budget hearings in Philadelphia City Council we learned of the efforts municipal departments are making to include underrepresented populations within their management teams. The Economy League has long identified the inclusion of women and underrepresented persons of color within... Read More
Regional Direction
April 19th 2019

Unpacking Philadelphia's Workforce Composition

At last week's budget hearings, the Commerce Department – home to the Office of Workforce Development – fielded several questions by City Council members about progress on workforce development, the "skills gap," and poverty reduction.  This week's brief sheds some light on the composition of the... Read More
Regional Direction
April 8th 2019

Rental Burden in Philadelphia

Thus far in budget hearings, members of City Council have expressed a great deal of interest in property assessments and the fate of the ten-year tax abatement.  Since this week’s hearings include testimony from the Department of Planning & Development, we may expect more attention to the... Read More
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