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Since its founding in 1909, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia has been an independent organization that believes high-quality, nonpartisan, and objective intelligence about the region’s most important challenges and opportunities is a crucial driver of equitable prosperity in Greater Philadelphia.  The PolicyHub initiative generates insights that align with the organization’s role as a regional “think and do” tank that focuses on inclusive growth, equitable opportunities, and shared prosperity.  


PolicyHub is building three main components: 
  • A web-based public-access data repository that aggregates regional economic data in user-friendly and intuitive ways.

  • A regular policy newsletter, Leading Indicators, that publishes original insights derived from the data repository. 

  •  A real-time policy analysis service providing city officials, civic leaders, and the public with nonpartisan research.


Our Principles

PolicyHub is guided by the same principles that have guided the Economy League since 1909: objectivity, transparency, and independence:



PolicyHub produces research insights using only accepted research methodologies driven by unbiased research questions, built on data from reputable sources (e.g. government offices, the U.S. Census Bureau, national research organizations, etc.), comparative cases, or outlined best practices from previous research.     



As a public charity supported by a cross-sector Board of Directors, the Economy League works solely in the public interest for the shared prosperity of the Philadelphia metropolitan region. PolicyHub makes all data, analyses, and results publicly available.  



Like the Economy League more broadly, PolicyHub does not engage in advocacy; its analyses follow the facts and represent the views of the Economy League alone.  There is a firewall between the interests of members of the Board and the research agenda of the organization.  PolicyHub research aims to ascertain the costs and benefits of legislative or administrative proposals, with the sole object of advancing the shared prosperity of the Greater Philadelphia region.  


Our Leadership

The PolicyHub initiative is guided by an expert Advisory Committee composed of a cross-sector of leaders who provide insight and guidance on ongoing projects. This committee is chaired by Lara Rhame, Chief US Economist for FS Investments.


Leading Indicators is PolicyHub's regular newsletter of curated data and policy stories - headlined with our own original Leading Indicator data brief. These data briefs provide context on local topics of interest.

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Regional Direction
June 15th 2022

Philadelphia’s Employment Gains and Losses Since COVID-19

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent jobs report continues to note major gains in national employment levels. These gains, however, are unevenly distributed across industries since many food, accommodation, and retail businesses continue to struggle to fill open positions [1]. For this... Read More
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Regional Direction
June 1st 2022

Inflation in Greater Philadelphia: The Spring 2022 Update

Prices are continuing to rise both across the nation and in Greater Philadelphia. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recent release of inflation estimates, we continue to track rising prices in Greater Philadelphia as part of our ongoing efforts to demystify the local impact of inflation.... Read More
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Regional Direction
May 16th 2022

Rising Rents in Greater Philadelphia in 2022: An Update

Even with the Federal Reserve’s recent implementation of measures to curb inflation, including increasing interest rates for mortgages and auto loans [1], rents continue to rise across the country. In this Leading Indicator, we review updated rental data from Zillow to monitor rising rents in both... Read More
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