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Meet your PAGE Advisory Co-Chairs

 The mission of the PAGE Advisory Committee is to provide strategic direction and guidance to staff on all aspects of the PAGE initiative.  We are thrilled to have Maria Frizelle Roberts and Harold T. Epps as our PAGE Advisory Committee Co-Chairs. 

  • maria roberts

Maria Roberts

President, CEO; MFR Consultants

 MARIA FRIZELLE ROBERTS is naturally curious and never misses an opportunity to bring new perspectives to an issue by looking at “if we didn’t do it this way, how would we do it”. As a consummate leader, team member and team builder, she is constantly finding ways to drive innovation in her company, for her clients and for others she serves. Maria studies successful people, and that knowledge along with her personal drive, creates opportunities. Maria has an open style that fosters new ideas and collaboration throughout all levels of her organization.

Currently, Maria is the President & CEO of MFR Consultants that she established in 1989 and has grown to an over 40 person firm with a national footprint. As a lean and agile firm, MFR serves clients across a broad spectrum of industries including technology, defense, transportation and health & human services. This firm has been recognized many times for its expertise and value-creation through appointment to industry taskforces and government commissions. Recently, Maria has joined a program at the University of Pennsylvania's Physical Sciences Oncology Center working with a team of Penn healthcare professionals and scientists towards "unraveling mechanistic links between chronic inflammation, chromosome instability and cancer evolution”.


Maria was just featured in Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the regions Most Admired CEOs of 2020!

  • harold t epps

Harold T. Epps

Senior Advisor, Economic Development; Bellevue

Throughout his career, Harold T. Epps has built a solid reputation in both private and public sectors. Privately, he has focused on positioning organizations for sustained growth, successfully managing change and restructuring, improving efficiency, spurring innovation and maintaining a focus and discipline of continuous process and performance improvement. Publicly, Harold oversaw and implemented policies to help both small businesses and major corporations in Philadelphia thrive.


As a Senior Advisor for Economic Development at Bellevue, Harold continues this work with businesses of all sizes. Harold lends his expertise to clients through strategic positioning, access to capital, introductions to his vast network of key stakeholders and alignment on important shared goals.

Harold previously served as the Director of Commerce at the City of Philadelphia for the duration of Mayor Kenney’s first term, before resigning in March 2020. As Director of Commerce, he helped to coordinate activities along neighborhood commercial corridors with small businesses and entrepreneurs, major real estate development projects, large-scale business attraction and retention efforts, as well as efforts to increase minority-owned business contracting opportunities.  


The advisory committee will serve as a sounding board for ideas developed as part of PAGE, brainstorm solutions to challenges faced by the team and provide guidance on the direction of the program.  The goal of the committee is to tap into the extensive knowledge, experience, and creativity among members of the Economy League Board as well as the broader business community to help the PAGE team effectively implement the initiative. 


Harold is “committed to PAGE because of the focus on CONTRACT opportunities for Black and BROWN suppliers in Philadelphia! Our Anchor institutions are at the center of the contract opportunities.”