• Recruitment Networking Event

    Date: Thursday, May 19th

    Time: 5pm

    Location: Liberty Point


    Mix and mingle with some of our amazing GPLEX alumni. Learn about GPLEX Detroit and decide if it's the conference for you!

    About this event


    You've heard about GPLEX: the best leadership conference in Philadelphia...maybe anywhere? You're curious, and you've asked yourself, "Could this be for me? Am I a Philadelphia leader?"


    You may also be curious about what you're getting into by flying all the way to Detroit with a bunch of Philadelphians: is it worth the time and money?

    This casual happy hour is the perfect way to answer all of these questions and more. You will meet the dynamic alums from past GPLEXes, learn about this year's planned program, and hear from the brilliant and generous Naomi Washington Leapheart in a conversation with GPLEX Director Kiersten Mailler about what makes Philadelphians and Detroiters uniquely themselves.


    Come prepared with curiosity and business cards: Welcome to the start of the GPLEX 2022 season!


    You will also be among the first guests at Avram Hornik's newest venue, Liberty Point.

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