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    2019 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange participants share their perspectives on this year's Exchange in Philadelphia.

  • sheehan frances
August 23rd 2018

Sheehan: Seeking Affordable Housing Solutions in Seattle

Based on my experience with GPLEX in Atlanta I’m confident that the learning in Seattle will be invaluable.   Delaware County’s towns struggle with housing issues – older homes with lead, affordability, gentrification, and community safety. Although the northwest has some different housing... Read More
  • addimando leo
August 22nd 2018

Addimando: How Does Seattle Cope With Hyper-Growth?

Who wouldn’t be interested in going to Seattle and learning more about how a city copes with the hyper growth of the fastest growing company in the history of humankind?  Whether or not Amazon comes to Philadelphia, there is much to be learned from the forced transformation that Microsoft started... Read More
  • knapp christine
August 21st 2018

Knapp: Sustainability and Social Justice In Seattle

When I head to Seattle later this fall, it will be my third such time visiting another city with the Economy League’s Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange. The first time I went, to Toronto in 2012, I didn’t know what to expect, but had heard that the trips were worth the time away. I came back... Read More
  • fadullon anne
August 21st 2018

Fadullon: If Seattle Knew Then What It Knows Now

The opportunity to come together with a diverse group of Philadelphia industry leaders is a valuable exercise in perspective. The importance of hearing different voices speak on a broad spectrum of issues cannot be overestimated, especially in these current times. The endeavor to listen, consider,... Read More
  • ingram malcolm
August 20th 2018

Ingram: Shared Economic Growth for All

I am honored to head to Seattle for the 2018 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange with Philadelphia’s brightest business, civic, and governmental leaders. According to Forbes, the Seattle area serves as the headquarters for numerous Fortune 500 companies. In turn, the city’s economy is thriving... Read More
  • thomas shalimar
August 18th 2018

Thomas: Learning About Seattle’s Strategic Placemaking

GPLEX always provide a great opportunity to learn best practices and apply them to the work we're doing in our communities.   I'm especially excited to attend this year's GPLEX for three reasons: First, to learn more about Seattle's health sector that's addressing local health disparities.... Read More
  • colborn john
August 16th 2018

Colborn: What Can Seattle Teach Us About Inclusive Growth?

From afar, Seattle seems an enchanted land of limitless growth and bountiful coffee. Places like Philadelphia need to understand how the Seattles of the world achieve better than average economic growth if we are to move beyond our own bottom-of-the-pack growth rate.   At the same time, we need... Read More
  • mittelman michael
August 16th 2018

Mittelman: Excited to Explore Seattle’s Healthcare Ecosystem

This will be my first GPLEX experience so I’m excited about all the great opportunities to get to learn from and to know my Philadelphia colleagues better.     My 33+ years in the Navy and now my experiences in academia have taught me that no matter how well your organization addresses certain... Read More
  • russ-starke
August 15th 2018

Starke: Our Rogue Band of Do-Gooders

When we at the experience design firm Think Company are working with clients and helping them envision an optimal future for their customers, employees, and organization at large, one of the things we always try to do is get folks out of their day-to-day environment (no matter how... Read More
  • Zabeth Teelucksingh
August 13th 2018

Teelucksingh: Collaboration Is in Our DNA

GPLEX - a fundamental program for every city. The intention: isolating a cohort of 120-150 civic, corporate, and academic leaders in a contrasting city with the intention of learning from that city’s example.  The bonus being that the participants can interact face to face and get to know each... Read More
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