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    2019 Greater Philadelphia Leadership Exchange participants share their perspectives on this year's Exchange in Philadelphia.

  • barrymann
September 25th 2018

Mann: Building Support for Health Equity

I head to Seattle hoping to put Together for West Philadelphia on the radar of innovative Philadelphians. I am honored to represent this exciting new grassroots collaborative, which is intended to enhance equity in healthcare and to maximize sustainable opportunities for the community of West... Read More
  • lu diana
September 20th 2018

Lu: The Sasquatch and the Phanatic

When I first heard that GPLEX was heading to Seattle, I thought about how the city opened my eyes and inspired me to see global metropolises differently.   I marveled at Sound Transit’s park-and-ride system in 2002 (I grew up in L.A. and hey, we had different views on public transit back then).... Read More
  • prabhakaran arun
September 14th 2018

Prabhakaran: Let’s Make a Scene

  Fresh out of college in the late nineties, I moved into an appropriately dumpy West Philly group house at 45th and Larchwood. At that time, I didn’t realize that the people I lived with would become some of my closest, lifelong friends. These friendships would serve to cement my relationship... Read More
  • grants bonnie
September 14th 2018

Grant: How Does Seattle Use Its Assets to Attract More Business?

I am excited to join the GPLEX for the first time. I have enjoyed a long career of promoting Philadelphia as a desirable destination for tourism and conventions, as well as to our citizens, most recently in the medical and life sciences areas. Philadelphia has an amazing history and we still make... Read More
  • barsanti michael
September 14th 2018

Barsanti: What Role Has the Cultural Community Played in Seattle’s Success?

  I suppose what I’m most excited about with the upcoming GPLEX trip is the opportunity to meet and talk to the other GPLEXers!  Of course, you don’t have to go to Seattle to do that, but it helps.   James Joyce wrote *Ulysses* - a novel that recreates the city of Dublin in minute detail –... Read More
  • gambone stephanie
September 4th 2018

Gambone: Collaborating Today to Change Tomorrow

As the 2018 GPLEX learning visit to Seattle approaches, I’m excited for the multitude of opportunities this presents. Particularly since this will be my first Leadership Exchange, I’m eager to join other leaders from my community in a first-hand learning experience for the purpose of benefitting... Read More
  • ostapenko yuliya
September 4th 2018

Ostapenko: Learn How to Create Opportunities in Our Communities

When I first learned about GPLEX, I instantly knew that I had to participate in it. The idea is so simple and at the same time so absolutely powerful: assemble a cohort of local leaders and have them learn firsthand the best practices in enhancing lives of the communities in the places where those... Read More
  • simiriglia christine
August 29th 2018

Simiriglia: Big Cities, Small World

I have worked with marginalized people for over 30 years. Much of that time has been spent creating services for people who have serious mental illness, and/or substance use disorders and are chronically homeless.   In 1992, I met David Wertheimer, currently with the Gates Foundation. David was... Read More
  • briggs vanessa
August 28th 2018

Briggs: Why Reinvent, When You Can Learn From Others While Having Fun?

Being new to GPLEX, I am excited for my first Exchange to travel to Seattle with colleagues across various sector all sharing common values:  (1) Inclusiveness - Respecting the rights, culture and values of all people; (2) Equality - Embodying the value that everyone in our community deserves... Read More
  • weiler gerber melissa
August 23rd 2018

Weiler Gerber: It’s All About the People

I’m an Economy League GPLEX devotee, having attended several exchanges – both regional explorations of our own backyard and extended journeys to other cities in the US and Canada.  I’ve also passionately recruited friends and colleagues to join the crew and both gain from and add to the experience.... Read More
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