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Guzik: Why I GPLEX

2019 was my first GPLEX. I moved back to Pennsylvania in the spring of 2018 and heard that GPLEX would be a great opportunity to connect with a diverse group of changemakers in the city. I wanted to meet leaders across sector, industry, and interest to learn which priorities Philadelphia leaders saw important for the coming years.


My work focuses on developing innovation districts and centers of gravity for entrepreneurs and startups to thrive in their respective city and on a global level. Leading CIC Philadelphia requires that I have a deep understanding of community and business resources available to help individuals grow and scale their business. It also means that my work is heavily invested in the communities we represent and there is a deep need to understand where we as a city can do better in securing access and opportunity for underrepresented folks.


I found GPLEX to be a great resource not for new and emerging Philadelphia leaders, but also for more established leaders, encouraging a diversity of perspective and thought. Over the three days at GPLEX, I met individuals in many different industries where there was a similar hunger to make the city better for all, not just some. I really enjoyed the time because often we see the same crowd or network in our industry and GPLEX afforded us the opportunity to think about our own challenges and searching for solutions through a different lens. 


Sally Guzik
Site Director