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Lora: Why I GPLEXed and plan to continue GPLEXing...

Success depends upon peer-to-peer relationships. Last year was my first GPLEX, and it surpassed my expectations. Having the opportunity to network with individuals within the region and enhance my professional knowledge while exploring the fantastic City of Seattle was truly meaningful. The connections and relationships that are built during this experience make GPLEX a unique connector program.


I looked forward to joining Gplex again this year. The three-day program gave me the opportunity to make useful connections, interact with individuals with whom I likely wouldn't otherwise have connected, and reconnect with colleagues around topics such as culture, environment, education, infrastructure, stability, and healthcare.  GPLEXers join together to create an experience and conversation around ways to enhance the quality of life in our city, the economic prospects of business, and the bottom line of local government. 


In sum, GPLEX has been one of the best choices for me to learn, connect, and enjoy some of the best individuals that the region has to offer. 


Yocasta Lora
Associate State Director of Advocacy & Community Outreach