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Liebowitz: Why I'm GPLEXing This Year

Being new to the Philadelphia area, I feel that GPLEX will provide a unique exposure to some of the issues, challenges, and opportunities for advancing the City of Philadelphia on a number of fronts.  This semester at my university, I have organized a Fall 2019 Distinguished Lecture Series on "Jobs, Economy, and Innovation in the City of Philadelphia:  Past, Present, and Future" (see the attached flyer).  Our mission at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (with a new campus also in Philadelphia) is to educate women and underserved populations in the STEM area.  We have about 53% African-American, and 52% women.  GPLEX, as well as our upcoming Lecture Series, will better connect our students and faculty on how we can "make a difference" in Philadelphia.  


I am looking forward to meeting our GPLEX colleagues, as well as taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities from the speakers to better "connect, learn, and serve" the City of Philadelphia.