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Grant: How Does Seattle Use Its Assets to Attract More Business?

  • grants bonnie

I am excited to join the GPLEX for the first time. I have enjoyed a long career of promoting Philadelphia as a desirable destination for tourism and conventions, as well as to our citizens, most recently in the medical and life sciences areas. Philadelphia has an amazing history and we still make history with research, development and expansion.


During more than two decades in this role, I have met passionate individuals and groups who are committed to our city. My job has allowed me the opportunity to travel to other convention destinations and see first-hand how those cities operate as convention destinations, including accessible transportation, attractive business assets, life sciences, arts and culture and more. 


With the opportunity afforded by GPLEX, I will be able to pause and study just how another city operates, uses its assets to attract more business and implements change around policy, technology, infrastructure and human services.   


I am looking forward to the collective excitement.  I yearn to learn and bring back ideas to strengthen Philadelphia. 


Bonnie Grant is Executive Director, PHL Life Sciences, a division of PHLCVB