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Ostapenko: Learn How to Create Opportunities in Our Communities

When I first learned about GPLEX, I instantly knew that I had to participate in it. The idea is so simple and at the same time so absolutely powerful: assemble a cohort of local leaders and have them learn firsthand the best practices in enhancing lives of the communities in the places where those best practices have already been successfully implemented.  Opportunities that this program creates are unmatched in the breadth and depth of the experience.


My firm, CliftonLarsonAllen, is all about creating opportunities: for our clients, for the communities we serve, and for our people. It is what we deeply care about. Creating opportunities is what Seattle is known to be very good at and I am so excited to learn all about it! I want to learn about opportunities created by a rapid growth and transformation and the challenges related to public transit, housing, healthcare, international trade, and diversity of the work force that come along with this transformation and solutions to those challenges that have been tried and successful. And then, I want to bring all that knowledge back to Philadelphia! Our city is unique and I am sure, the opportunities exist here. Together, as leaders, we can learn how to best identify them and breathe life into them, so that everybody can benefit from them.


I am new to GPLEX and I cannot wait to experience it – I know it will be an amazing experience simply by getting to know the people who participated in this program before and those who will be in Seattle with me this year. Seattle - here we come! Philadelphia - we will be back with the knowledge and information to share so that all of us have an opportunity to contribute to our city’s amazing future.


Yuliya S. Ostapenko is Director for Public Sector, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP