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Briggs: Why Reinvent, When You Can Learn From Others While Having Fun?

Being new to GPLEX, I am excited for my first Exchange to travel to Seattle with colleagues across various sector all sharing common values:  (1) Inclusiveness - Respecting the rights, culture and values of all people; (2) Equality - Embodying the value that everyone in our community deserves neighborhood conditions that are equitable safe and affordable housing, education, employment, social and family supports, and access to high quality, efficient, and affordable health and wellness services; (3) Collaboration - Working in partnership with communities and across sectors to find solutions, and Leadership - Strengthening  capacity for professional and organizational growth and development to better serve the community.


I am ready to engage and learn from Seattle - what works, what didn’t work, and what else is needed to reach their vision.  All to prepare me for being a better leader and adapting proven strategies from Seattle as I work tackle the social, economic, and environmental factors that are keeping residents in the City of Coatesville from reaching their optimal health.   


I am certain this will be an amazing experience and not my last GPLEX trip.  Looking forward to meeting new friends and have a chance to hang out with old friends.


Vanessa B. Briggs is President/CEO, Brandywine Health Foundation