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Weiler Gerber: It’s All About the People

I’m an Economy League GPLEX devotee, having attended several exchanges – both regional explorations of our own backyard and extended journeys to other cities in the US and Canada.  I’ve also passionately recruited friends and colleagues to join the crew and both gain from and add to the experience. 


My enthusiasm for the upcoming trip to Seattle is partly about the place – a city that embraces its waterfront, has a certain elegance that doesn’t belie its Pacific Northwest edge, and has dealt with the upsides and downsides of Philly’s holy grail – an Amazon headquarters. 


But mostly, my enthusiasm is about the people.  I know the Economy League puts great thought, time, and research into which city will offer the most to the Philly delegation.  I am most grateful for the effort, which always seems to hit the mark. 


The truth is, however, that with the collection of folks GPLEX attracts – from local and regional government representatives to nonprofits leaders to corporate types to entrepreneurs – I truly think I could learn something and make new connections no matter what airport they pointed us toward.  That is the beauty of GPLEX – several consecutive days of uninterrupted time (if you do it right!) with some of the coolest and most engaged folks in your own region, all exploring together the coolest ideas, projects, restaurants, and innovations of another great city - as shared by some of its most engaged citizens.  What could be better? 


Melissa Weiler Gerber is President & CEO of AccessMatters