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Sheehan: Seeking Affordable Housing Solutions in Seattle

Based on my experience with GPLEX in Atlanta I’m confident that the learning in Seattle will be invaluable.


Delaware County’s towns struggle with housing issues – older homes with lead, affordability, gentrification, and community safety. Although the northwest has some different housing issues than the older communities in the northeast, we need to understand Seattle’s affordable housing challenges and how they address community needs. I am looking forward to seeing Seattle up close and learn about the systems they put in place or wish they had put in place to preserve affordable housing, particularly with the explosive growth of companies like Amazon.


As excited as I am to go for a run the on streets of Seattle, more importantly, I am looking forward to meeting and networking with like-minded civic leaders to discuss these important issues. Can’t wait to see everyone in Seattle and report back!


Frances M. Sheehan is President of the Foundation for Delaware County