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Fadullon: If Seattle Knew Then What It Knows Now

The opportunity to come together with a diverse group of Philadelphia industry leaders is a valuable exercise in perspective. The importance of hearing different voices speak on a broad spectrum of issues cannot be overestimated, especially in these current times. The endeavor to listen, consider, debate and then move to action is vital to the life blood of our wonderful City.


Add to that the ability to convene in a setting such as Seattle, which has experienced a sustained period of explosive growth, provides us with the chance to experience what so much of us wish we had – the chance to ask our 15-year younger selves, “If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?”  Philadelphia is at the burgeoning stages of our rebirth. To learn what Seattle would’ve done differently, what they should’ve considered, how they would have adjusted their thinking, programs and policies, and where they would’ve invested their resources, can provide us with incredible insight as to how to ensure an inclusive, equitable growth strategy for Philadelphia.


While the economic expansion of our city is paramount, we must be vigilant in keeping an eye toward ensuring this growth reaches all Philadelphians in every neighborhood, because every one of our residents deserves to be valued.  It is only through this value proposition that Philadelphia will achieve its full potential.

Anne Fadullon is Director of Planning and Development, City of Philadelphia