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    Updates and insight on education & talent development, business growth, and infrastructure in Greater Philadelphia
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Regional Direction
February 27th 2017

Twenty Years of Supporting University City's Innovation Ecosystem

In the first of a three-part Regional Direction series looking back at his two decades at the Economy League, Steve Wray reflects on ongoing efforts to spur growth in University City’s innovation ecosystem. Read More
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Regional Direction
December 21st 2016

Thanking a World Class Leader

A nonprofit organization like the Economy League doesn’t stick around for 100-plus years without a compelling mission and dynamic leadership. Read More
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Regional Direction
October 19th 2016

2016 World Class Index: Where Does Greater Philadelphia Stand?

As the Economy League releases the 2016 annual update of the World Class Index, we’ve come to understand and appreciate the fact that tracking metropolitan progress is not a straightforward endeavor. Change is the only constant. Read More
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Regional Direction
August 28th 2015

10 Signs of Global Progress in Greater Philadelphia

In 2009, the Economy League launched World Class Greater Philadelphia with the goal of developing and sustaining a new way of working together to achieve big goals for our region. From the beginning – as exhibited by its very name – the World Class agenda has sought to expand our region’s global... Read More
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Regional Direction
July 16th 2015

Expanding Opportunity

The special Economy League analysis Expanding Opportunity examines ways in which advancing the World Class agenda can expand opportunity across Greater Philadelphia’s many communities while driving economic growth at the regional level. Learn how our region stacks up on key measures of growth and... Read More
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Regional Direction
June 23rd 2015

A World Class Future Means Growth and Opportunity

With two major events bringing global attention to Greater Philadelphia over the next 12 months, it’s a moment of great civic pride. In the lead-up to both Pope Francis’ visit and the Democratic National Convention, we’ll be telling and retelling the story of our region's many strengths and our... Read More
Regional Direction
March 11th 2015

Fundamental Tax Changes Underpin Governor Wolf's Budge Proposal

In this piece, the Economy League provides an overview of how Governor Wolf plans to fund the investments proposed in his 2015-16 budget proposal.   In his first budget proposal, Governor Wolf called for substantial -- if not unexpected -- increases in state spending in several areas. In... Read More
Regional Direction
March 6th 2015

Governor Wolf's 2015-16 Budget Proposal and the World Class Agenda

  The Economy League assesses how Governor Wolf's recently-proposed state budget aligns with the priorities and strategies identified in the World Class Greater Philadelphia agenda.   It’s budget season and governors from all three states in the region have unveiled 2015-2016 budget proposals... Read More
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Regional Direction
June 24th 2014

Tracking Progress for Smarter Investments

Back in 2009, we launched the World Class initiative with the goal of developing and sustaining a new way of working together to achieve big goals for our region. And over the last several years, we’ve engaged countless civic and business leaders not only to establish a shared vision of a World... Read More
  • World Class Summit 2013
Regional Direction
March 28th 2013

Onward From the Summit

Last week, at our annual World Class Summit, more than 300 regional leaders came together to learn about the new Global Positioning Strategies (GPSes) focused on improving education and talent development outcomes and boosting business growth in Greater Philadelphia. The auditorium at WHYY was... Read More
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