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Atlanta to host Nutter and 103 others

September 18, 2008

Marcia Gelbart, Philadelphia Inquirer


--Heard in City Hall


Outta here!


The city will be drained of a good portion of its braintrust next week when 104 Philadelphia movers and shakers, including Mayor Nutter, head for Atlanta.


The three-day trip, which begins Wednesday, is part of a leadership exchange program coordinated by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. The idea is "to develop executives of business, civic, and government organizations into regional visionaries dedicated to making Greater Philadelphia a world class region," according to a press release about the trip.


So, how will they do that? By meeting with their Atlanta counterparts, including the southern city's Philadelphia-bred mayor, Shirley Franklin.


Among other city officials slated to go are City Councilman Bill Green; Redevelopment Authority executive director Terry Gillen; Commerce Director Andrew Altman; and sustainability director Mark Alan Hughes.


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