2026: Future Histories Photos

Photos from the future??? Although that technology might be available in 2026, these pictures capture some of the action at the World Class Greater Philadelphia Future Histories release on April 28 at WHYY's Hamilton Media Commons.

If you missed it, stay tuned for an encore presentation in mid-June. 
Future 1 scene Future 3 scene
Future 4 sceneFuture 3 scene
Wendell Pritchett Jane Pepper
clockwise from upper left:
  • Actors Charlotte Ford and Benjamin Camp in scene from Future 1 - Global Village;
  • scene from Future 2 - Tight Belts;
  • scene from Future 4 - Partners in Hard Times;
  • Steve Wray, Economy League executive director;
  • Jane Pepper, World Class Greater Philadelphia co-chair;
  • Economy League vice chair Rick Altman,  Wendell Pritchett, Jane Pepper, Steve Wray, Economy League chair Caroline West;  
  • Wendell Pritchett, World Class Greater Philadelphia co-chair;
  • studio audience;
  • scene from Future 3 - America in the Drivers Seat.
(photos: Candace diCarlo)